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Greg Nanigian and Associates, Inc. | Boston, Massachusetts


Your local Sandler trainer in Boston, Massachusetts

President and CEO, GNA

Meet Greg

With this dynamic background, Chief Executives, Sales Managers and Salespeople sit on the edge of their seats as they wait to discover what traditional approaches to selling or sales management Greg will discard next. He is a highly sought after trainer and is regularly featured as the keynote speaker for many business and professional associations. People are truly impressed with his humility, 'real world training,' perceptiveness and ability to offer a solution, that usually works, to any selling or sales management issue. Clients routinely say that becoming a client of Greg Nanigian's was indeed the turning point in their career and for their company!


Why People Buy

Greg's book is the latest addition to the Sandler Training library.

Learn the secret of what really drives sales - and how to give people what they need so they want to buy from you. Why People Buy uncovers what really drives sales. It's an accessible, one-volume summary of proven tools and best practices for successfully completing the Sandler Selling System's all-important Pain Step.