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Greg Nanigian and Associates, Inc. | Braintree, MA

I’ve interviewed thousands of chief executives, sales managers, and salespeople, and I’ve found that over 90% of them are having exactly the same problem you are. Why? Because they’ve been taught to rely on an ineffective traditional selling process, one that includes features, benefits, and free consulting very early in the discussion. This means they present too soon and leave the customer in control of the relationship.

As a result, they don’t get beyond a superficial discussion of prospects’ interests and problems. They also don’t uncover the impact of those problems on prospects’ companies or families, don’t identify the impact on prospects personally, and don’t establish prospects’ level of commitment to fixing the problem. As a result, they never find out the prospects’ true feelings—and feelings are where selling takes place.

Most sales professionals—including countless with impressive-sounding titles like chief executive officer and vice president of sales—don’t see how ineffective these traditional selling approaches are. In this book, I will share a flyover of a different model: the Sandler Selling System.

This selling system is a seven-step process. It’s fueled by techniques based in psychological models. The cornerstone of the system is a step in the process called the Pain Step. I will be showing you some important pain discovery techniques. In my book, "Why People Buy", you’ll discover how you can shorten your selling cycle, save time by disqualifying prospects who aren’t going to buy from you, and improve your closing ratio dramatically.



Let me say up front that my book is not for everyone. I am aiming this book at sales professionals who want to increase their sales effectiveness and their commission income by at least 50% in one year. I call those people members of the 50% Club. If that’s a commitment that you’d like to make to yourself or one that you already have made, I’m glad to be part of that journey. My goal is to help people grow, and this book is one way of doing that. I believe that sales is a noble profession that deserves an extremely effective selling system, one that maximizes your results.

By the way, I also believe that any selling system you choose to follow should be used ethically and honorably. While that may seem like a contradiction to some, it’s something I feel quite strongly about. Let me explain why. I can promise you that what you will learn by reading this book and implementing its approaches will be extremely powerful. In fact, if you implement them, they will change your career and your life. I must caution you, though, to use what I will be sharing with you in the right manner.

Think of it this way: You can buy a car to get from point A to point B and probably enjoy the ride along the way. It’s understood that you won’t use the car to run people over. In the same manner, I want you to use what you learn from this book ethically and morally. Rest assured that, in doing so, you will develop long-term relationships and make a lot of money. That’s certainly been my experience. Many long-term clients I’ve worked with have reached out to me to introduce me to their children—who end up purchasing our membership programs and corporate training.

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