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In our most recent blog, we discussed using the psychological model DISC, to identify and deal with certain personality types when selling to new prospects. In this blog, we will share a little bit more about how to interact with each personality type, Dominants, Influencers, Steady Relators, and Compliants, which will help you create better bonding and rapport with your prospects.


Here’s some tips on what to do and not do when dealing with Dominant personalities:

• Be on time and ready to get right down to business.
• Use very limited humor or 3rd party stories
• Get to the bottom line quickly and work backwards; if they want details, they’ll ask.
• Offer two or three alternative choices.
• Let them win, or at least appear to win.
• Be direct; touch on high points and be candid.
• Give facts in a logical flow to support your position, but don’t overuse data.
• Don’t try to combine business with social interactions like lunch or coffee.


Influencers are very different and much more sociable than Dominants. Here’s some ideas on dealing with Influencers:

• Allow extra time for appointments. These people like to talk.
• Be prepared for plenty of small talk and socializing.
• Use plenty of third-party stories and humor.
• Keep in mind that facts and figures aren’t as important to these folks as personal chemistry.
• Be personable.
• Don’t be obsessively bottom-line, withdrawn, or hurried.
• Smile, laugh, and be warm.
• Give sincere compliments.
• Express passion and enthusiasm

Steady Relators

Steady Relators are more detailed and process oriented people. Here’s a few ways to better deal with these types of folk:

• Show a sincere personal interest.
• Be patient; listen a lot.
• Outline your selling process and show concern for prospects’ welfare.
• Don’t interrupt.
• Draw out their opinions.
• Remember that these people are slower to make decisions than Dominants and Influencers.
• Be reliable and deliver on exactly what you say; that is what they do, and therefore what they expect.
• Give notice of any unexpected changes personally, and with plenty of advance notice. Change shakes up Steady Relators
• Show how important the relationship is to you. (Sending thank-you cards is one way to do that.)
• Be prepared to deal with strong loyalty to a current vendor; use the pain identification approaches to facilitate closure.
• Be careful not to say anything negative about the current vendor; chances are the Steady Relator has been working with that vendor for a while.


Compliants are typically analytical and want the lowest price possible. Here’s some tips to help deal with Compliant people:

• Do not combine business with socialization.
• Give Compliants something to research in preparation for appointments where you plan on presenting for a decision.
• Focus on your product or service quality.
• Offer plenty of details before you make your final recommendations.
• Do your homework.
• Be direct, and be prepared with all the data.
• Be prepared for an attempt to negotiate your price down; these are the most price-sensitive prospects.
• Be organized and logical.
• Involve Compliant prospects in your planning.
• Allow Compliants plenty of time to think things through, but always get an agreement for a clear (sched- uled) next step.
• Don’t criticize. These prospects don’t handle criticism well, even though they tend to be overly critical of others.
• Be patient as Compliants dive deeper and deeper and deeper into the details. That’s just how they process or incubate information and arrive at a conclusion. Compliants love to    analyze all the alternatives to arrive at a “safe” decision.
• Remember this: In the endgame, the Compliant is likely to get stuck on one issue and only want to win that one issue. Nothing else matters! Usually that issue is price.

  DISC is a powerful sales tool and easy to apply. Our experience with clients suggests that, when you learn to flex to the DISC style of your prospects and customers, your efforts    to establish bonding and rapport will be much more effective— and your income will increase by around 25%. Not bad, eh?!

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