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Traditionally, salespeople rely on their product’s or service’s features and benefits to do most of the selling. Even if the salesperson offers lots of free consulting and invests lots of time, effort, and energy in the relationship, they usually get a noncommittal response like, “We’ll think it over” or “We’ll let you know”?

The result: The salesperson spends way too much time on the opportunity — and doesn't get the sale.

Since your expertise in your field and your products and services has value, it must be protected. Traditional selling approaches do not protect your most valuable asset—your intellectual property. When you share your knowledge as free consulting, you give away your intellectual property.

The solution? No more free consulting. While the idea of not sharing your knowledge with a prospect may make you a little uncomfortable, the discomfort is worth it. It's part of the growth process.

Avoid “We’ll think it over. ” Sell first, educate later.

Sales pros succeed when they replace the practice of plying their prospects with free consulting with a proven selling system that drives the sales process.

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