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To uncover pain in the sales process, you must first establish bonding and rapport. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a communications and behavior model developed in the 1960's, and it has grown in popularity and impact since.

NLP examines the interaction between neurology or brain circuitry, language, and mental programming. It focuses on how human beings function as individuals, interact with others and shape their beliefs and views.

The NLP model describes the technique of "mirroring and matching" the pitch, tonality, inflection, body language, and other traits and behaviors of the person with whom you’re dealing. Subconsciously, humans tend to bond with people who match their body language and tonality. When it happens (usually subconsciously), barriers to communication come down.

When "mirroring and matching" is practiced correctly, sales prospects become more comfortable and open up. Once a bond is established, you're ready to understand what their problems are, their impact, and how they feel. You’re ready to uncover their pain.

Explore the role of bonding and rapport — along with the art and science of NLP — in sales.

Sit in free on a 2-hour Bonding and Rapport workshop: Nov. 2 in Woburn or Nov. 8 in Braintree.

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