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An important, but often overlooked, principle in sales is "follow through."

After you’ve led your prospects through a discussion, to a point where they feel comfortable enough with you to share their pain, you need to keep that pain alive so that you can implement your solution. Prospects get emotionally involved when they reveal their pain and, as a result, are compelled to find a solution.

But how do you know when someone is truly committed?

Consider “consistency theory” which states that people are more likely to follow through on something if they say they will.

Perhaps you've guided a prospect to a point in the sales cycle where he has shared pain about a problem that you can help fix. Ask, “On a scale of 0 to 10, what’s your level of commitment to seeing if there is a way to fix the problem?”

If the answer is less than 10, you’re not ready to proceed to the next selling step. The prospect is offering a veiled objection — he’s hesitant to make a change. If he's not 100% committed, he’s likely not willing to invest the time and money to fix the problem.

You’ve got more work to do. Keep digging for pain — and follow through to get the commitment.

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