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Many salespeople believe that presenting features and benefits is an effective way to sell. It’s completely ineffective.

A well-known sales truism that people buy emotionally and then justify their decisions logically. It's a universal business truth, but one that too many overlook. Features and benefits are intellectual. You can quantify them, analyze them, and compare them. Is it shocking that, when features and benefits are presented in a sales call, prospects get turned off? Reciting specs do not emotionally involve prospects. When you're buying, how emotionally involved do you get?

Instead, think about the last time you bought a new pair of shoes. What prompted you to begin shoe shopping?

Maybe your shoes were worn out, or you needed a pair to go with a new outfit, or your feet were starting to hurt in your old sneakers. One common theme is that you didn’t make your purchase because of features or benefits — did so to solve a problem.

Problems are a rich source of emotions — and people buy emotionally.

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