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Sales professionals may be used to thinking about “pain” as a physical sensation. However, sales pros must expand their understanding of the term to align with that of Sandler Training’s founder, David Sandler.

In Sandler terms, pain refers to the emotional gap between where a prospect is right now and where he or she is hoping to go. It's unique to each individual. You can't predict or diagnose it before you meet. It must be uncovered and experienced one-on-one— if it exists at all. If it does, it has the potential to drive action, and the sale, forward.

Identifying the dimensions and intensity of this kind of pain is an essential element of the Sandler Selling System® methodology. The Pain Step of the Sandler process is the first crucial qualifying step, and the most accomplished sales pros are masters of this kind of qualifying. As David Sandler memorably put it: “No pain, no sale.”

That seems like a simple enough concept; it’s one that traditional features-and-benefits based selling routinely overlooks. Pain is indeed why people buy.

Learn how to uncover and leverage pain in a prospect’s unique situation.

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