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No one question will always uncover the presence or absence of a prospect’s pain.

To start a productive discussion about pain — after you’ve built rapport, bonded, and had a meaningful conversation about goals and problems — ask: “What is the impact of this situation on your company?”

The response you receive will be intellectual. That’s OK. You’re priming your prospect to speak about his or her emotional pain. The question is a stepping-stone to diving deeper into your prospect’s world.

Next, discover the situation’s impact on the prospect. Ask, “I’m curious—what is the impact of this situation on you personally?”

You’re looking for personal impact to uncover their real pain (if there is any).

Listen for words like “frustrated,” “uncertain,” “doubt,” “worry,” “angry,” “concern,” or “anxious.” The acronym is FUDWACA. This acronym will help you know when you are uncovering real pain—not just pain indicators that are merely symptoms.

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