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ROI Analysis Tool

The Sandler ROI Analysis Tool was designed to help companies increase revenues, decrease costs, reduce or eliminate discounting, and help salespeople have C-level conversations with prospects.

About this tool

This automated process compliments and supports the Sandler Selling System® methodology, helping you to quantify your customer’s issues, pains, and goals.

You question your client or prospect, focusing on the Pain and the economics of the Pain. Then, you enter the information you collect into an independently developed analysis system. The end result is a Business Case with a report proving your value proposition, as well as the risks and costs of not moving forward.


Don't waste your time on non-qualified accounts

By assisting your prospects in creating a Business Case, understanding the cost of living with their current situation or pain, and a clear ROI for making the move to your product or service, you reduce risk and build a combination of customer confidence and competitive advantage. All this results in more sales, more quickly, which means that your cost of sales decline.

There are several packages for the Sandler ROI Analysis Tool, each of which is designed to fit your specific company size and needs.

The Sandler ROI Analysis Tool can help your company...

  • Increase revenues
  • Eliminate the pressure to discount
  • Reduce cost of sales
  • Build a competitive advantage
  • Promote consistent communication

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