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Probing Skills/Qualifying Skills Workshops

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Talking about money can be uncomfortable, which is why the budget step can be difficult for some salespeople. In this workshop, we explore how to confront the money step head on while making sure your prospect doesn’t feel pressured or awkward. How can we avoid getting to the end of the sales process only to be told, “it’s not in the budget”? In this workshop, you’ll learn the questions and techniques to uncover how much the prospect has to invest, where the money is coming from and how it gets paid.


Fuel to Run Your Sandler Submarine

This workshop will teach you various techniques to assist you in the sales process. Mastering and applying these skills will be the fuel to become a stronger sales professional.

  • “Reversing” will enable you to find out, from your prospect, the real issue behind his/her reason for buying.
  • The “Dummy Curve” makes your interaction with the prospect less threatening.
  • “Negative Reverse Selling” is the most powerful Sandler selling technique and the most difficult to master.
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Getting Pain with Negative Reverse Selling

If you look, act and sound like every other salesperson, the prospect will treat you like a vendor rather than an advisor. This workshop will give you some techniques that differentiate you from the competition. It also allows you to work with a client so each of you can define whether the path you’re on is the right one by using specialized questioning techniques. The Negative Reverse Selling® tool is a powerful technique that allows you to get to the real issue, get past the smoke screens, manage time and avoid unsuccessful presentations.

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Going Negative with a Smile

Not for the faint of heart, Negative Reverse Selling® is the one of the most powerful Sandler techniques. Learn what it is, why it works and how to use it so your prospect opens up and takes down the defensive walls that exist in most buyer-seller interactions. Discover how to handle every possible selling situation from an overly enthusiastic buyer to a hostile prospect and everything in between.

How to Uncover People’s Internal Buying Strategies

Learn the five most important Buying Strategies, how to uncover and match them to your clients and prospects and the power of matching.

Identifying Reasons for Doing Business

Do you know how to uncover your prospect's real pain? Typically prospects buy emotionally and then justify their purchases intellectually. The strongest emotion your prospect experiences is pain - what issues are they experiencing? What happens if they don’t fix their problems? At Sandler, we diagnose our prospect’s issues BEFORE prescribing them a solution. Contrary to “features and benefits” selling, in this workshop, we explore the process of uncovering the prospect’s pain before discussing or suggesting any possible solutions.

Negative Reverse Selling/Stealth Selling

Professional salespeople realize that buyers need to discover they have problems that need to be solved and want to solve them in a timely fashion with the appropriate budget. Most amateur salespeople continually push the prospect through the process, meeting with resistance each step of the way. Stealth selling, or negative selling, allows the salesperson to create an environment in which prospects feel comfortable and allows them to buy vs. being sold. This allows the salesperson to use a “pull” process vs. a “push,” thus making a buyer feel very comfortable with the salesperson and the sales process.

The Negative Reverse Selling technique is the ultimate tool for breaking down the barriers between the buyer and the salesperson.

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Product Knowledge

Product knowledge can be a valuable tool in order to make you confident in your ability to match your company’s service offering and the buyer’s needs. However, salespeople often use product knowledge prematurely. You will learn how to use product knowledge to establish key questions to uncover the buyer’s issues and needs, and how to tell third-party stories to create confidence in the buyer and in the ability of your company to deliver the necessary solution.

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Sell More & Have Fun Doing It

A System, Qualifying, Closing, Decisions, Objections, Money.

Why Have a System?

Successful salespeople have a systematic approach to developing business opportunities. They follow a tried and true, step-by-step process that produces a definite outcome each time it is practiced. In this module, you will learn about the prospect’s system for buying, as well as the Sandler Selling System and how by following it, you can remove the roadblocks in your current system and ensure a successful conclusion to each opportunity.

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