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Greg Nanigian & Associates, Inc. | Braintree, MA

Referral Getting/Account Planning Skills Workshops

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How to Be a Master Referral Getter

Do you need to diversify your prospecting activities? Referrals and introductions should be central to building a quality pipeline for our business. Having a well-thought process and goals for pursuing them can dramatically increase our referral business. Whether you’re asking for them poorly or not asking at all, this workshop will guide you to build a successful system for getting introductions that lead to quality prospects.

Strategic Account Management

Keeping your existing clients happy is imperative for long-term success. In this workshop, identify your key accounts and develop strategies for long-term management. Develop "White Knights" within your accounts and coach them on how to connect you with the final decision makers. Finally, understand how to create your "Fuzzy Files": catalog your personal knowledge of your clients and periodically review what you’ve collected about their clients so they can provide personal attention to their interests and build a stronger personal bond.

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