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Greg Nanigian & Associates, Inc. | Braintree, MA

Professional Development Workshops

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Get Tough: The New You!

Sales is one of the toughest, most competitive industries to be in. How can you be assertive without being aggressive or abrasive? In this workshop, we cover how to be an effective decision maker, improve effectiveness, strengthen resolve and inspire action. We explore David Sandler’s “Salesperson’s Bill of Rights”, the right salespeople need to believe they have in order to overcome self-doubt and achieve success.

How to Get and Stay Focused

Salespeople often have several hats to wear - not only building new business but account management, customer service, and professional development. How can business people in sales get rid of mind chatter, develop to commitment and desire to succeed and maximize their potential? In this workshop, we explore the model to learn and own total conviction of professional selling, and how to stay on the path to sales success.

How to Get Commitments and Make Them Stick

Professional salespeople face rejection on a daily basis. This workshop covers how to develop the attitudes, techniques, and behaviors of assertive sales professionals. We look at overcoming the fear of rejection, and how to get mentally and emotionally tough enough to be truly successful in sales. We look at real-world issues for salespeople and how to overcome them. Ready to get rid of your negative “head trash” and get serious about selling? Don’t miss this workshop.

No Guts, No Gain!

This hard-hitting workshop will enable you to identify your professional and personal goals and use powerful strategies to achieve them. Topics covered include how to stop wimping out, long-term and short-term goal planning, how to identify and overcome barriers to success, exploring failure, risk, and decision-making, and so much more. Learn how to handle the pressures and challenges of building a successful business, keep yourself motivated and increase your self-esteem and decisiveness.

Quantum Leap

Focus & Direction, Goals Management, Time Management, Getting 110% Commitment from Your Clients, Personal Financial Planning and Prospecting and Selling Behavior Goal Setting, Tracking and Modification.

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Why Have a System?

Successful salespeople have a systematic approach to developing business opportunities. They follow a tried and true, step-by-step process that produces a definite outcome each time it is practiced. In this module, you will learn about the prospect’s system for buying, as well as the Sandler Selling System and how by following it, you can remove the roadblocks in your current system and ensure a successful conclusion to each opportunity.

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Who You “I” Is Not What You “R”

Each of us has an identity (I) and various roles (R). Our identity consists of our self-concept, self-worth and our values. The roles we carry in life vary. Our roles are the multiple parts that we play: a spouse, parent, salesperson, friend, hobbyist, etc. Learn how to separate your identity from your roles. In this workshop, we explore how to separate our identity from our roles in order to lessen the impact that rejection and failure has on our success. This session will help break you out of your comfort zone and understand the difference between who you “I” and what you “R.”

Your Success Triangles

In order to lead you to the top of your professional career, you will need to focus on three areas for your continued growth and improvement: attitude, behavior, and technique. Although techniques are important, they alone will not take you to and keep you at the top. This lesson will show you how your attitude drives everything, your behavior makes things happen and the techniques are the tools you need to get it done. Discover the areas in which you need to personally improve in order to help you be and stay a success.

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