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Greg Nanigian & Associates, Inc. | Braintree, MA

Closing Skills/Strategies Workshops

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How a prospect will make a buying decision should not be a mystery. If you don’t know ahead of time exactly what a prospect will need to see or hear to make a buying decision when you make your presentation, it’s unlikely that you will leave with a decision. The third and final step in qualifying and disqualifying an opportunity – identifying the process by which prospects make buying decisions. Learn how to skillfully question prospects to uncover this information and how to determine the players, the specific elements of the process, and the timeframe for the decision.


The entire success of a Sandler presentation relies on having established a good, binding, and mutually acceptable contract. The presentation is merely the fulfillment of the contract. There is absolutely no room in the contract for any type of mystification and the words fulfillment and presentation are interchangeable. To make sure your presentation doesn’t fall apart at the end of each pain you’ve just presented, ask your prospect if that particular pain has been solved by your product or service.

How to Handle Stalls, Objections, and Put-offs

Eight rules to create the right personal presence on the telephone plus tactical problem-solving.

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Money Through Fulfillment

This workshop is focused on how to differentiate yourself from the competition to sell successfully. We cover hot-button issues for professional salespeople like selling big ticket items, controlling selling situations when you lack an edge on the competition, preventing stalls and objections around price, selling to the non-decision maker, and how to stop arm-wrestling with your prospects.

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Sell More & Have Fun Doing It

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