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Bonding & Rapport/Relationship Building Workshops

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Bonding & Rapport

Building relationships with your clients and prospects is the first of seven steps in the Sandler System. The attitudes, techniques, and behaviors learned in this workshop are used throughout the entire sales process. We explore the psychology of building relationships: effective communication; the effects of spoken words, tonality, and body language; how to relate to auditory, visual and kinesthetic communicators and what it takes to make meaningful connections and build trust in business relationships.

Building Trust & Rapport with Transactional Analysis

In this workshop we explore Transactional Analysis - a psychoanalytic theory wherein social transactions are analyzed as a basis for understanding behavior - and apply it to professional selling. Learn about the components of your communication style that influence your behavior, how they were developed, and the impact they have on your selling success. Easily identify your prospect’s and client’s styles, and how you can adapt to make business transaction more effective and enjoyable for all parties.

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How to Be a Master Persuader I & II

Workshop I: Long Term Bonding & Rapport, Communications, Buying Strategies.

Workshop II: Similar to MP I, only more participatory and more in depth on communication types and how to elicit them and use them so clients feel like you are just like them and they have known you for a long time, even though you just met!

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How to Interpret Body Language

Since so much of communication is conveyed through body language it’s essential that Sales Professionals know how to interpret it. You will learn how to interpret all types of body language as well as how to communicate through body language. You will learn the “do’s and don’ts” and leave with a summary of 60 different body language types! Studies show that as much as 55% of communication is through body language and this workshop shows you how to unlock this silent form of communication so you can be more successful in sales.

How to Stay Out of Games and Power Plays

When it comes to the buyer/seller relationship, games and power plays put people in situations where everybody loses. A good sales relationship is based on the assumption that both the seller and the prospect have an interest in doing things for each other. Part of gutsy selling is to understand that the salesperson has rights. And if he has a product or service that is beneficial to the prospect, he has to face the individual on an adult-to-adult basis. To do this, it is critical to understand how to spot and avoid Games and Power Plays.

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Selling with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach to communication and personal development based on psychology. In Sandler, we apply this to the sales process by looking at how body language, tonality, and spoken words affect relationships with prospects and clients. With non-verbal communication making up the majority of how we present ourselves, how do we adjust our selling attitudes, techniques and behaviors to make sure we close the sale?

The DISC Communication Model & Closing the Deal

Do you want to increase your skill level with negotiations? Do you want to increase your sales? Discover the powerful DISC communication model and how to apply it to increase your success rate.
This workshop covers:

  • The four basic behavioral styles
  • How they differ
  • How to spot them quickly in your prospects and customers
  • How to adapt to them to be most effective whether you are cold calling, selling or servicing