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Greg Nanigian & Associates, Inc. | Braintree, MA

Successful Prospecting/Appointment Getting Workshops

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How to Create Executive Briefings That Sell

Develop an Executive Briefing as part of your prospecting plan. This workshop covers everything from selected the source of your leads, how to create event collateral and promotions that lead to registrations, and how to craft and deliver a talk that turns warm prospects into hot prospects that buy from you.

How to Be More Effective on the Phone

Multiple Techniques to help you increase your overall effectiveness on the phone for prospecting, selling and customer service use as well.

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How to Do Your 30 Second Commercial

At Sandler, we avoid the traditional “elevator speech,” and instead opt for the less abrasive “30 Second Commercial.” Learn to introduce yourself on prospecting calls, at networking events and in daily business situations that allows you to sound different and be different. We need to know our customers and prospects so well that we can tell them in 30 seconds what we do, what problems we solve and why they would want to invest more time to hear if we can be a good fit.

Stress-less Prospecting

Learn how to develop a prospecting system that, when used regularly, will produce a consistent and predictable number of leads. Prospecting is often daunting for salespeople, no matter how much experience they have. Ultimately though, it must be mastered in order to succeed. In this workshop learn how to follow a systematic process that relieves the stress on you and the prospect and produces results - meetings with qualified prospects.

The Psychology Behind the Sale

Are you struggling to decode the prospect’s system? This workshop explores the psychology of selling - human relationships and communication - with concepts like birth order, transactional analysis, and neuro-linguistic programming. Explore counter-intuitive concepts, self-reflect on your own communication style and learn strategies for identifying your prospect’s and client’s styles in order to build a strong relationship.

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To be OK or Not-OK?

This workshop explores how salespeople can sometimes inadvertently isolate and confuse prospects. We cover the importance of avoiding your industry’s buzzwords and phrases that you use every day but may be lost on others. This counter-intuitive concept of “OK, Not OK” will challenge your prospect’s preconceived notions of you, your profession, and the buyer/seller relationship.

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Up-Front Contracts

One of the keys to successful selling is to maintain control of the process. The Up-Front Contract, which is an important part of the Sandler Selling System, is the tool that will enable you to begin that process. In this class you will learn when and how to establish Up-Front Contracts throughout the selling process in order to keep you and the prospect on the same page, come away from every meeting with a clear, concise, verbal agreement as to what the next step is, and solidify strong relationships with your prospects and customers built on transparency and trust.

Your Success Triangles

In order to lead you to the top of your professional career, you will need to focus on three areas for your continued growth and improvement: attitude, behavior, and technique. Although techniques are important, they alone will not take you to and keep you at the top. This lesson will show you how your attitude drives everything, your behavior makes things happen and the techniques are the tools you need to get it done. Discover the areas in which you need to personally improve in order to help you be and stay a success.

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