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An in-depth understanding of the Principle of Pain— “the gap between where you are now and where you want to be”— can not only help you to sell better but become more effective at buying.

Years ago when I was looking to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle on the cheap, I was referred to "Chains," a large, intimidating man, with big, flaring eyes and arms covered in prison ink.

In a rundown section of town, he showed me a gleaming custom Harley with gorgeous paint, an engine rebuilt for racing, and perfect chrome.

He asked $10,500, a fair market price, but we were off-market. As we negotiated, I uncovered his pain: Chains was in a gang—and they wanted to kill him. He needed to sell quickly so he and his girlfriend could move to Florida. There was a win-win here for both of us.

By sharing his pain (a deep-seated need to make a change), Chains became emotionally involved—which compelled him to take “a deal in hand” of $6,000. He even threw in two helmets for free.

I saved over 40% and got a great Harley. Chains got away with his life. It was a good and honorable deal for both of us.

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