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Executive Enterprise Selling
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Winning, keeping, & growing major accounts.

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How do you cut the Enterprise Sales Cycle time in half while improving the closing ratio?

The traditional definition of Enterprise Sales is the sales of large contracts to large companies that have a long sell cycle. Usually, the sales cycle is anywhere from six to 24 months. 

So how do you cut the Enterprise Sales Cycle time in half while improving the closing ratio? A lot of people come to us for the answer. Along with that we usually hear frustration with having to drop prices to close as well as a lot of uncertainty that enterprise sales deals will close at all.

I want to share with you, at a high level, our process of how to cut the sales cycle in half, while improving the closing ratio without having to drop your price. We’ve been using this process internally not only for Enterprise level prospects but in some cases mid-sized companies. When we realized we had created an extraordinary process for our own internal use we rolled it out to clients and they’re having great success. So what I’m about to share is cutting-edge, yet proven and time-tested.

Our Enterprise Selling Program consists of three major components, and we train people on it through six, 90 – minute workshops. We call it the Enterprise Selling Boot Camp.

It consists of the following:

  1. Negotiation and Communication Skills – even if you have a great strategy, Negotiating Skills are still King when it comes to closing the Enterprise Deal. At the Enterprise Level – most prospects are “Players” – in other words, they are skilled negotiators. So, you need to be a skilled negotiator too. We’ll show you some easy but powerful skills and techniques to help you take control while establishing a bond with your prospects.
  1. How to Politically Map Accounts – that is how to assess who has Authority and Who has Influence. Here many more secrets are disclosed including keys to identifying and having the Most Influential (the MI) person within the target account help you close the deal. You’ll learn the two keys to having the MI want to sell for you internally. By the way, if you set appointments yourself, these two skills will dramatically improve the number of appointments you book. If you are closing the deals, your sell cycle will be shortened and your closing ratio will go up when you use these two skills.

    1. How to Develop the Account Plan – you will learn that a good account plan consists of four parts: The Account Profile – we’ll train on the process of what’s important, why and best practices to gather that information. The next thing we train on is developing The Creating Demand Plan – this is where you develop the strategy as to how to make contact and get to a point where you have a sense of what you’re going to sell and how much you’re going to sell it for. Following that we train on the Deal Winning Plan and this is the strategy to close the sale. Once the sale is the next step is implementing the Relationship Plan. Developing a strong internal relationship is key to up-selling, cross-selling, and selling other locations and business units. There are several key components to a Relationship Plan and we cover them in the Enterprise Selling Boot Camp.


I want to let you know that we’ve developed and used these components to close multiple multi-billion-dollar accounts in the U.S. Europe, the Mid-east, Asia, South America, and Australia. The material in them is cutting edge yet proven and time tested. Our process is not the traditional approach. I promise you’ve never seen or heard of our Account Planning and Political Mapping process, yet it works. I also promise that you’ll love it and want more training!

Enterprise Selling

Political Mapping Integrated with Account Planning


Protect and Grow Your Enterprise Accounts - Displace Competitors from Targeted Enterprise Accounts - Business Challenges

Enterprise Selling Account Executives have five major challenges:

  1. How to Create Unexpected Value to differentiate from the competition
  2. How to Politically Map the account and find the MI (Most Influential Buyer)
  3. How to Shorten Sales Cycles
  4. How to Orchestrate Executive to Executive Relationships
  5. How to develop and execute an Account Planning Checklist to use with your Executive and your support team

In the 6 (90 minute) workshops, participants will learn the methodology of Political Mapping Enterprise Accounts and executing the Account Planning Checklist. Participants will bring a live Enterprise Customer and a live Competitively Held Enterprise Account to the workshop in order to develop the Account Plan using the Account Plan Checklist.

What you gain


  • Increase in Upsell and Cross-Sell of New Solutions by Creating Demand
  • Protect Your Enterprise Accounts from the Competition by executing Deal Winning and Executive Relationship Building
  • Penetrate New Enterprise Accounts held by the Competition
  • Actionable Account Plan CheckList to use in Account Planning strategy sessions with the Executive Team

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. “Francis Bacon“